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I love dogs. A lot. I also love photography, a lot. And I am thrilled to unite these two great loves into one passionate endeavor; capturing photos of your dogs doing what they do and being the beautiful souls that they are. 


Introduced to the camera and darkroom in the late 80s, I was hooked instantly. In 1998, I received my BFA in photography from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. After moving to Brooklyn in 2001 I got away from photography, but when iPhones came about, I couldn't resist the convenience of having a camera in my pocket at any given moment. And thus my instagram journey began, (@kristenturick) where I continue to make friendships with people all over the world. After some time of inundating my feed with photos of my dog, Lily, I created an instagram account of her own. Although @lilythewhippet is no longer with us, I can honestly say that she was the sole inspiration for Clicks & Licks.


Leaning towards a more minimalist style, I strive to capture the essence of each moment, winnowing it down to the most important details. I tend to apply this same aesthetic to my canine portraits and enjoy the challenge of finding the details that makes each individual so special.


In my spare time I enjoy hiking, gardening, being in nature and photographing for my body of fine art work at Or view my real estate photography at


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